Being one of the basic and fundamental sciences, MATHEMATICS can be very complex and hard to understand but to make it simple & easy. We have to consider its practical approach. The Science Lab Export here comes with their entire collection of mathematics lab apparatus.

You can find several collection of games-puzzles & rattles, charts for maths lab, Maths Lab Kits, abacus, calculators, scientific calculators and other teaching & learning material. We fabricate our products using high-grade raw material and are durable with perfect finish. Maths Lab is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts with a very simple and lucid approach.

Science Lab is running with the aim to provide good quality products to enhance the quality of education. We design equipment that the students can use on their own so they can learn & explore the world of mathematics and build up an interest in it.

Abacus Desk/Table

Product Code : SLE/MAT/01

Calculating instrument that uses beads that slide along a series of wires or rods set in a frame to represent the decimal places.

Abacus Upright

Product Code : SLE/MAT/02

Calculating instrument that uses beads that slide along a series of wires or rods set in a frame to represent the decimal places.

Advanced Geometry

Product Code : SLE/MAT/03

It features 50 separate advanced geometry questions that students must solve correctly using their bingo cards. Test your students’ advanced geometry skills in a fun, creative way with this engaging activity. Contains enough materials for 30 students.


Product Code : SLE/MAT/04

Test your students’ algebra skills in a fun, creative way with this engaging activity. Contains enough materials for 30 students. It features 50 separate algebra questions that students must solve correctly using their bingo cards.

Balance Mathematical

Product Code : SLE/MAT/05

Teach number relationships in a concrete way. Set includes 8.5″ tall balance and twenty 10 g weights. As students manipulate the balance – they gain insight into abstract concepts of number operations – algebraic equations and properties of arithmetic.

Balance Simple Beam

Product Code : SLE/MAT/06

Teach measurement and the basic concept of mass and balance with this durable plastic balance. Buckets detach for easy clean up. Sliding compensator for zero adjustments provides accurate measurements.

Balance Rocker Bucket

Product Code : SLE/MAT/07

Used to compare and measure the weight and volume of materials – solid or liquid. Simpler models available on request. Complete with weights of plastic and metal with built-in weight storage compartment.


Product Code : SLE/MAT/08

Durable – lightweight plastic instruments – designed for whiteboards / chalkboards.

Made from polystyrene plastic and feature handles for ease of use.

Compass accommodates marker and chalk.

Geometrical Instruments Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/09

Durable – lightweight plastic instruments – designed for whiteboards / chalkboards. Made from polystyrene plastic and feature handles for ease of use. Set of 5 instruments – in reusable storage box. Compass accommodates marker and chalk.

Calculator Scientific

Product Code : SLE/MAT/10

This economical scientific calculator features 10-digit display; 56 programmed functions; memory and statistic calculation; binary – octal – decimal – and hexadecimal calculations and auto shutoff. Sharp and Casio models on request. Necessary – for example – for advanced trigonometric functions and investigating algebraic algorithms such as permutations and combinations. Battery operated.

Calculator Simple/Hand

Product Code : SLE/MAT/11

Pocket size basic/standard 10-digit display calculator. Auto shut off. Solar power with battery backup. For basic operations.

Beads – Bobbles & Laces

Product Code : SLE/MAT/12

Manipulate these tough plastic beads on colorful strings to stimulate motor skills – develop concepts of grouping – ordering – number association and the identification of patterns.

Coordinate Board

Product Code : SLE/MAT/13

This board game makes learning of coordinate geometry fun and easy. A very common task in maths class is to plot and name points on a four quadrant graph. 
This coordinate board game with attractive colour counters and dice will help explore the plotting of coordinates and naming their respective points.
A fun colourful learning tool that makes kids familiar with four quardant graph with name pointed on it. An Engaging group activity for children.

Algebra Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/14

Algebra kit allows child to investigate and learn concepts related to polynomials (2 variables) efficiently with the use of these labelled algebra tiles.
Moving to a higher class, children deal with polynomials with 2 variables or more. 

Maths Kit Junior

Product Code : SLE/MAT/15

This kit consists of 24 types of manipulative which help the teacher in laying the foundation for students in mathematics. Each manipulative is designed in a way that makes it easy to correlate with the curriculum. The teachers will find it a useful training aid. Size of the manipulative makes it possible for teaching in a group.

Kit Contains:-
• Solid Figure Set 
• Geometrical Instrument Box 
• Measuring Tape 
• Jug and Beaker Set 
• Wall Thermometer
• Chemical Thermometer 
• Kitchen Balance 
• Geoboard 
• Skip Counting Board
• Designer Fraction 
• Abacus 
• Fiber Dummy Clock 
• Pattern of Triangle 
• Game of Place Value 
• Magnetic Fraction Disk 
• Half Meter Scale 
• Plastic Moulds 
• Set of cup 
• Junior Pythagoras Theorem
• Geometrical Stencils 
• Set of Pearl Marbles
• Transparencies Set of 10 
• Arithmetic Chat Set of 7
• PVC Chart (Set of 3) 

Senior Maths Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/16

This kit consists of 20 types of manipulatives which help the teacher in teaching advanced concepts in mathematics. Each manipulative is designed in a way that makes it easy to co-relate with the curriculum. The teachers will find it a useful training aid. Size of the manipulatives makes it possible for teaching in a group.

• Geoboard 
• Magnetic Fraction Disk
• Set of Marbles
• Pythagoras Theorem, (Magnetic)
• Dummy Cheque Book & Pay in Slip
• Mensuration Kit
• Derivation of Pie (Magnetic)
• Optical Square
• Cross Vertical Staff
• Vernier Calliper
• Standard Time Indicator
• Survey Measuring Tape
• Rain Gauge
• Magic Circle
• Mathematics Charts set of 15
• Algebra Cubes Plastic
• Sextant Model
• Theodolite Model

Theodolite Model

Product Code : SLE/MAT/17

A theodolite is an instrument for measuring both horizontal and vertical angles, as used in different types of works as triangulation, prolonging, computation of elevation and depression of distant and near. It consists of movable telescope mounted on the horizontal and vertical axes. Both the axes of theodolite are equipped with graduated circles.
A rotating telescope for measuring horizontal and vertical angle which is conceptually it is a great way to understand the mechanics of a theodolite. Inculcates a spirit of experimenting among the students.

Algebra Tiles

Product Code : SLE/MAT/18

Algebra Tiles help to deal with concept of algebra such as performing operations (add, subtract or multiply) on polynomials or factorizing polynomials, solving linear equations, concepts of integers etc. 
Algebra tiles comes with three types of tiles in two colours each, typically red for negative tiles and blue for positive tiles.
Using algebra tile in teaching polynomials allows children to practice working with polynomials with a hands on approach.

Base Ten Blocks

Product Code : SLE/MAT/19

It is one of the best resources to understand the abstract base ten concept which is base of our decimal number system. Place Value is a very basic concept of mathematics which can be introduced and explored best with base ten blocks. 
It provides hands-on experiences to explore the concept of place value, and maths operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as concept of mensuration and decimals. 
Children learn Maths concept faster and for longer duration when they have concrete experiences. 
Base Ten manipulative consist of units, rod or long (equivalent to 10 units), flats (equivalent to 100 cubes and 10 x 10 x 10 cm cube).

Division Board

Product Code : SLE/MAT/20

This board is given along with foam square tiles to introduce the concept of division.
Division no longer a tough concept to understand with help of this board.
Help in Laying a strong foundation.

Graph Board

Product Code : SLE/MAT/21

Child learn to co-ordinate geometry.
This board is so versatile that you can write and wipe .
An enlarged version of graph where it is easy to find points for children.
A fun filled way to lay a strong foundation.

Integer Board Game

Product Code : SLE/MAT/22

An interesting board game with dice and counters to understand the concept of addition and subtraction of integer numbers.
Innumerable combinations.
While playing with this manipulative students can conquer the understanding of integer number operation.

Ascending Card Game

Product Code : SLE/MAT/23

Using number cards along the board will allow the learner to place number cards in ascending order on the board.

Descending Card Game

Product Code : SLE/MAT/24

Science Lab offered is perfectly designed to teach students the fundamental concepts of descending numbers as used in mathematics as a subject. With the card game offered featuring quality printed finish as well as interesting, easy to understand and learn interface. 
These Descending Card games allow students to effectively learn the concepts while playing this scientific principle based game. 
Available in measurements of 29 x 25 cm.

Factor Board

Product Code : SLE/MAT/25

This board is given along with foam square tiles to explore the concept of factors.
Helps in understanding the definition of factors and multiples.
Help in Laying a strong foundation.
Innumerable combinations.

Place Value Board Multiplication

Product Code : SLE/MAT/26

This board is given along with foam square tiles to explore multiplication of whole numbers.
Children find fun in multiplying whole numbers with this resource.
Perfect manipulative for teachers to give their students a clear understanding of multiplying of whole numbers.

Student Identity Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/27

This kit allows child to generalize and derives the algebraic identities like (a+b)2, (a-b)2 and a2 -b2.
Science Lab specially designed for students, they can derive formula own their own.
The number of combinations possible.

Geometric Shapes Building Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/28

Combine sticks in 3 sizes, along with curves for making circles and cylinders, with 2 different types of connectors to build 2-D shapes. 

Create endless opportunities for students to build and explore shapes.

Child-friendly set features durable sticks, curves, and connectors.

Then, combine them to make new 2-D shapes, and even 3-D shapes.

Includes:- 90 sticks in 3 sizes (2 1/4 ‘, 3 1/2 ‘, 5 1/4 ‘), 32 curves, and 48 connectors (approximately 1’ in diameter).

Primary Shapes Template Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/29

Relational shapes help students make mental connections as they compare shapes.
Provides relational examples in varying sizes and orientations trace around the entire template for the largest version.
Rectangle measures 7.5’’L x 4.5’’H
Lets students easily view their tracing lines after repositioning the transparent template.
Includes 5 durable labeled templates: rectangle, triangle, circle, square and hexagon.

Wooden Geometric Solids

Product Code : SLE/MAT/30

Smooth, hardwood solid shapes includes cube, ellipsoid, wide cylinder, parabola cone, ellipsed cone, sphere, hemisphere, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, square prism, obtuse triangular prism, tall rectangle prism, short rectangle prism, narrow cylinder, cone, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism, equilateral triangular prism.
Set of 19.

Anglegs Transparent Student Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/31

Set includes 12 AngLegs each of six different lengths in six colors, two snap-on View Thru protractors, and 15 double-sided activity cards.
Explore plane geometry with clear snap-together manipulatives.
Teach shape identification, spatial reasoning, basic measurement and more.

Geometry Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/32

Medium set includes a 6’’ protractor and medium-size triangles. 
Stores in a vinyl wallet with 3-ring binder holes.
Includes all the basic tools for geometry: a Compass, a Protractor and 2 Triangles (45deg and 60deg ). 

Folding Geometric Shapes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/33

Use to teach visualization and spatial reasoning in measurement, area, volume and surface area concepts. 
Model geometric shapes in both two and three dimensional form with this combination set.
Colorful 32-piece set contains Folding Geometric Shapes and Overhead Folding Geometric Shapes. 
Includes cylinder, cube, triangular prism, rectangular prism, pyramid, square, cone, hexagonal prism and triangular pyramid.

5 Assorted Geoboards

Product Code : SLE/MAT/34

Two different pin arrangements allow students to create an endless variety of shapes using rubber bands in bright hues. 
Color and geometry intersect with these double-sided rainbow geoboards. 
5 x 5 Pin.
Set of 6.

Brights Tangrams Class Pack

Product Code : SLE/MAT/35

Tangrams Classpack includes 210 shaped pieces, enough to make 30 tangrams, including small, medium, and large triangles, squares, and parallelograms in 6 vibrant colors. 
Perfect for engaging the entire class in learning play involving shape identification, comparison and composition, symmetry, and more. 
Set of 30 tangrams in 6 colors.

Brights Pattern Blocks

Product Code : SLE/MAT/36

250-piece set includes traditional age-appropriate polygons in neon yellow, electric blue, hot pink, and other cool hues.
Engage students in lessons involving shape identification, symmetry, fractions, and more. 
The classic pattern block is now offered in cutting-edge colors today’s kids will embrace. 
Blocks are 1/2 cm thick.

Activity guide (on inside of bucket label)

6-Color Tangrams

Product Code : SLE/MAT/37

The whole class can practice problem-solving with this set of 30 tangrams in six assorted colors: blue, red, green, yellow, orange and purple. 
In sturdy plastic bucket. 

Rainbow Premier Pentominoes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/38

72-piece set includes six scored pentominoes in yellow, red, green, blue, orange, and purple (12 pieces per pentomino).
Scored plastic pentomino set.
Includes clear plastic tub for easy storage and activity guide.
Teach geometric concepts and problem solving skills.

Plastic Pattern Blocks

Product Code : SLE/MAT/39

6 shapes and colors help students explore symmetry, area measurement and more.
Analyze, compare and compose 2-D shapes with this set of pattern blocks. 

Largest shape measures 2’’W.
100 plastic pattern blocks.

10 Isometric Grid Pattern Geoboard

Product Code : SLE/MAT/40

An isometric array lets you loop actual size Pattern Block shapes. 
Reverse side is an 11 x 11 pin grid.

Interlocking Cubes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/41

Interlocking Cubes help students develop abstraction sense. 
They are also used to develop an understanding of number and measurement concepts. 
The variety of colors allows cubes to be used in probability experiments. 
Students will use cubes to create, identify and extend patterns.
Linking cubes together helps in hand-eye coordination.
Great for sensory development, occupational therapy and autistic children.
Length: 2 cm
Width: 2 cm
Height: 2 cm

Integer Counters

Product Code : SLE/MAT/42

These double sided (Red on one side and yellow on one side) plastic integer counters helps to understand addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integer numbers.
Modelling integers statements such as -2+3 using 2 colour integer chips.
Counters can also be introduce students to basic ideas of probability.
Diameter: 30 mm

Circle Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/43

Circle Kit is provided with a set of three circular discs having the different radius. 
This kit helps to understand the relationship between the radius, diameter, and their circumference. 
By this kit, a child can explore the concept of circles, concentric circles, circumference of circle and derivation of Pi.
These foam circles are durable as also easy for teachers to teach the concepts in the class.
It is manipulative that clears the apprehensions about diameter and radius of a circle.
Diameter: 15 cm, 10 cm, 5 cm

Geo Reflector Mirror

Product Code : SLE/MAT/44

Set of 24 Geo Reflectors features see through plastic surface with special reflective qualities that allow students to gain an intuitive understanding of geometry, symmetry and congruence as they view, move and draw images. 
Teaching Guide included.

Half Meter Scale

Product Code : SLE/MAT/45

To measure any length up to half a metre.
This half meter wooden scale is very appropriate. 
It is duly marked up to 50 cm.

Transparent Dice

Product Code : SLE/MAT/46

These Transparent Dice are made of transparent cast acrylic and are of the very highest quality. 
They feature rounded corners and are available in a variety of colors and sizes.
Sizes: 1 ¼ inch, 2 inch, 2 ¾ inches.
Colors: green, blue, yellow, red, and clear.

Plastic Dice

Product Code : SLE/MAT/47

Dice always help in creating learning fun by associating this with different resources and turning resources into a game.
Science Lab Used by students to play many boards games, learn probability, addition, integers, subtractions etc.
Material: Plastic

Linking Cubes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/48

Linking cubes provide mathematical learning experiences to develop the concept of counting, place value, measurement, number operations, sorting, patterns, algebra and mensuration. 
The Linking Cubes are a versatile tool for all levels of learning and proficiency in the classroom.
Easy to connect also support motor skill development of toddlers. 
This manipulative helps the child to probe numbers, area, volume, geometry etc.
Great product for building blocks and stacking them together.

Roman Numbers Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/49

Roman Numbers Kit consists of square tiles with Roman number printed on them. 
Manipulate these tiles to represent any number in Roman. 
This set is provided with printed Roman numerical on small tiles for children and big magnetic tiles for teacher demonstration.
Recognize different words of different numbers.
Helps to reinforce the number recognition.
Teacher Demo Tile 14 pcs.
Student Activity Tiles 270 pcs.

Probability Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/50

The concept of probability is fun when given an opportunity to explore.
This resource gives that opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy the concept of probability. 
It is used to understand the concept of sample space, event space, dependent event, independent event, mutually exclusive event, random probability etc.
Set Contains One Wooden Probability Board, 1 Spinner, 4 Dice in 4 Different Colours, 20 Coins, Playing Cards, 4 Box (400 pcs.) of Marbles in 4 Colours.

Number Mat

Product Code : SLE/MAT/51

Number mat has numbers from 1 to 25, allow kids to learn maths with fun and play different games on it. 
Kids hop on the mat to learn forward and backward counting, skip counting, just after/before a given number, simple addition and subtraction on number line etc.
Hop on number line to learn simple addition and subtraction .
Allow the child to hop on number mat to learn forward backward counting.
Just before after is no more a problem for a child. 
This manipulative helps child to learn this concept with fun.

Upper Primary Maths Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/52

Upper Primary Maths Kit that Science Lab manufacture and trade is widely demanded in several primary schools and institutions for providing knowledge pf elementary mathematics with simple learning methods and games.
These Upper Primary Maths Kits are manufactured using supreme quality raw material and with latest brain shaping topics.
These are available in several specifications as per the Schools and institutions requirements.

Trigonometry Board

Product Code : SLE/MAT/53

Trigonometry board is designed with the focus to enhance geometric visualization competence in the learning of Trigonometry concepts, the results related to circle and the resolution of the problem related to it. 
It promotes learning of these mathematical concepts with inductive as well as deductive reasoning. 
Provides an opportunity to learn the concepts of Sine, Cosine and Tangents, the concept of Congruent and Similar triangles,
This board is provided with Geo sticks, connectors, pins, rubber bands and other accessories to prove trigonometry equations.
Measure 26 x 26 cm.

Attribute Blocks

Product Code : SLE/MAT/54

Each set of Attribute blocks includes shapes in distinct colours, sizes and thickness which allows child to sort and classify based on different attributes such as colours, shapes, big/small, thick/thin etc. 
This manipulative not only fosters hands-on learning but also helps in developing pre-number sense and maths vocabulary.
Characteristics of this manuplative is that a child can examine different patterns, linear and measurement, fractions, shapes and pictures.
Set of 5 shapes in 3 colours.

Decimal Abacus

Product Code : SLE/MAT/55

This wooden abacus allows child to learn decimal numbers and their place value. 
Performing operations (add or subtract) on whole numbers and decimals numbers with this abacus is easy and fun.
This tool establishes the concept of a relationship between number and its place value in decimal.
Set of 70 beads with 7 spikes.

Game of Place Value

Product Code : SLE/MAT/56

This U-Shaped wire abacus with 6 wires and 9 beads in each wire is used to learn the concept of place value of different number up to lakh. 
Forming numbers with given digits and hence building greatest/smallest number is fun to learn.
Set of 54 Beads with 6 Wire.
Size: 20cm x 7cm

Time and Work Kit

Product Code : SLE/MAT/57

This kit is provided with assorted color right angle triangles with digital stopwatch. 
This kit help to calculate work done in the same time span by the different group.
Single stop watch with assorted triangles.

Junior Pythagoras Theorem

Product Code : SLE/MAT/58

To verify that in a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides. 
It is provided with one plastic right angle triangle with measure (3-4)” and set of squares of each of the 3 sides with a duly printed grid of each square inches.

Geared Student Clock

Product Code : SLE/MAT/59

This student clock is accurate to the hours with the movement of the minute arm. 
It is a great manipulative to develop time telling skill of a child. 
This clock is provided with bright colour clock arms, featuring easy to read. 
Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you manipulate moveable hands.

Dummy Clock

Product Code : SLE/MAT/60

This fiber dummy clock consists of movable hands of hours and minutes to develop and reinforce time telling skill.
Made up of light weight fiber sheet, easy to handle. 

Sorting Ring

Product Code : SLE/MAT/61

These Plastic foldable circle rings can be used in different ways from elementary to higher secondary for grouping, set theory, and Venn diagram demonstration.

3D Colour Solid Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/62

This resource allows children to connect 3D solids with its 2D representation, and to deduce formulae for surface areas and volumes.
Colorful resource to introduce different geometric shapes to pre-schoolers.
A fun filled way to lay a strong foundation.
A good manipulative to hold the attention of children.
Length: 10 cm

Dish Balance with Weight Number

Product Code : SLE/MAT/63

This durable plastic dish balance allows children to measure and compare weights. 
They can see what they are measuring and relate visual and measured observation.
Set of bear family weights is provided with this balance.

Set Contains:
2 Pan with Hanger (3g-6 pcs, 6g, 9g, 12g – 2 pcs. Each)
Weighted Number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – 4 pcs Each and 7, 8, 9 2 pcs Each in 2 Colours)

Transparent 3D Solid Set

Product Code : SLE/MAT/64

It is product that enhances the knowledge of shapes, volume and other maths concepts to related to 3D dimensional figure.
Science Lab is introduce children to solid geometry and allow them to investigate shapes, faces, vertices, edges, curves and angle with these plastic solids set. 
These large solids add a tactile element to geometry lesson, illustrating relationships between area, volume, shape and size. 
These shapes include cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, rectangular prism, square base pyramid etc.

Volume Relation Between Cone and Cylinder

Product Code : SLE/MAT/65

Science Lab are the manufacturer of Volume Relation Between Cone and Cylinder. Best resource to demonstrate volume relationship between cone and cylinder of same base and same height.
Set of 2 Pcs. with Lid.
Size: 10cm x 10cm.

Relational GeoSolids

Product Code : SLE/MAT/66

Hollow, cylinders, cubes, size-related spheres, cones, rectangles, pyramids and polyhedra have removable stoppers, allowing students to fill them with rice or sand.
Demonstrate the relationship between shape, size and volume with this set of 14 clear plastic geometric shapes. 
Includes Teaching Guide.

Place Value Mat with Stacking Counters

Product Code : SLE/MAT/67

This kit helps children visualize place value as they build numbers from 1 to 99,999.
Set of 5 colour coded stacking counters supports in learning numeric, written, and expanded forms of a number and number operations. 
It also includes place value mat and place value cards. 
Counter snaps together vertically and can be stack in its appropriate place.
Set of 45 Cards with 125 Counter in 5 Colours.
Size: 30cm x 27cm

Plastic Moulds

Product Code : SLE/MAT/68

It helps children to make various geometrical figures and have fun with learning.
Set of 12 hollow shapes with clay.
Length: 20 cm
Width: 25 cm

Folding Meter Stick

Product Code : SLE/MAT/69

This Folding Meter Stick folds into fourth on three hinges for easy storage. 
Calibrated in metric units and enable us to measure a length of any object. 
Metric rulers only deal with centimeters and millimeters. 
Inches are a part of the customary system which is not included in this stick.

Designer Fraction

Product Code : SLE/MAT/70

This set of 72 equilateral triangles comes in 3 different colors. 
This manipulative helps to develop and design different type of fraction and patterns.
With this visual aid, a child can experience fractions by constructing these pieces into imaginative shapes.
A manipulative that helps to understand fraction by making different patterns.

Dummy Currency Notes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/71

Dummy Currency Notes give happiness to kid by giving opportunities to act customer, seller, permitting transacting with amounts, creating combination of various notes to pay an amount and learn with this realistic play money set containing dummy currency notes from 1 to 2000.

Dummy Coins

Product Code : SLE/MAT/72

Dummy Coins provide happiness to Kid by giving opportunities to act buyer, seller, allowing transacting with amounts, creating combination of various coins to pay an amount etc.
The set of coins makes them aware of the particular currency trendy.
Refreshes their concept of addition and subtraction.
Makes them familiar with money transactions.

Set of 8 Coins:- 
25Paise, 50Paise 2 pcs. each
1Rs., 2Rs., 5Rs., 10Rs. 1 pc. each
Diameter: 2.5 cm

Fraction Dice

Product Code : SLE/MAT/73

Science Lab Teach fractional relationships or use with existing kits requiring a variety of fractions. 
Set features six 5/8” dice including 1 2, 1 3, 1 4, 1 5, 1 6, 1 8 and 1 12. 
Set of 6.

2D Shapes

Product Code : SLE/MAT/74

Two dimensional shapes are a vital maths topic for children. 
Matching and fixing the right shapes provides fun to little learners. 
Exciting hands on activities can also address shape names and properties to engage and motivate the student.
Motivate young children to learn geometrical shapes in a playway manner.
It gives children understanding of construction of shapes.

Colour Tile

Product Code : SLE/MAT/75

These multicoloured plastic square tiles are one of the best tools to understand area and perimeter. 

This is a versatile tool which also helps to understand concepts of colour recognition, sorting, counting, patterns, number operations etc.

A child can probe into number, patterns and colours with this excellent set of colourful tiles. Easy Retention. A fun way to for students to learn.

Geo Geometry Sticks

Product Code : SLE/MAT/76

Geo Geometry Sticks can easily snap together to motivate learners to explore plane geometry on their desk or on magnetic board. 
Learners will discover and analyse the creation of polygons using the same length sticks verses different length stick, investigate triangle inequality theorem, mid-point theorem, concept of angles etc.
Teachers can use this product in teaching measurement of angles, construction and analysis of shapes.
High Quality sticks that can be used in having a better understanding of geometrical shapes to a kid.

Double Sided Geoboard

Product Code : SLE/MAT/77

Material: Plastic
This double sided geoboard with 11 x 11 pin grid arrangement on one side and a 24-pin circular pattern on the other side. 
This geoboard is primarily used in the exploration and recognition of shapes, designs, spatial relationship, angles, fractions, area, perimeter, symmetry and coordinates with the help of rubber bands.
By practicing different shapes a child can find area of triangle by completing triangles into rectangles and halving them. Verify result using formula of area of triangles.

Stacking Counters

Product Code : SLE/MAT/78

These 5 colour plastic stacking counters are used to learn concepts such as sorting, counting, basic arithmetic operations, number patterns, comparing and ordering numbers.
This product is recommended for counting and sorting activities.
Very useful in learning the basic concepts of arithmetic and the related operation like counting, sorting etc.
The property of stacking these counters to each other is a value addition to learn and teach about small and big numbers, grouping, multiplication and so on.
Diameter: 2 cm

Construction of Parabola

Product Code : SLE/MAT/79

Plastic triangular plate with equally marked slots of division are joined together with the help of rubber bands to construct Parabola.
Total number of slots in plate is 24 on each side.
Size: 19cm x 20cm

Non Magnetic Fraction Disc

Product Code : SLE/MAT/80

Children have fun learning fraction with this hands on fraction maths manipulative perfect for games and activities. 
These colourful, soft foam non magnetic fraction circles are simple to use and fun to teach a child about fractions and their concepts. 
The easy to grip colour coded pieces allow the child to see, feel and compare equivalent fraction.
Set includes 55 proportional foam magnetic pieces showing fractions in a whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, Seven, eighths, Ninth and tenths.

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