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Scince Lab Export is a leading Anatomical Lab Equipment Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India,Mozambique,Educational Lab Equipment in Supplier Kenya, Southren African region, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda.

Anatomy is the branch of biology which deals with the study of the inside and outside of bodies of humans and other animals. It is a practical subject and one needs to learn and memorise even the slightest detail. Science Lab is one of the leading anatomy model manufacturer in the market with the aim to make it more engaging, and interesting, we bring a wide-variety of anatomy and gross-anatomy models.

You can find a vast variety of models like the skull model, human body model, animals model, brain model, digestive system model, skeleton and many more. We also have Gross Anatomy models like the nervous system, heart, digestive system, etc. The model designs are lucid and precise, made using high-grade raw material. We describe every detail, which makes learning more simple and effective. One can grasp the subject through our models on its own and can explore the world of Anatomy.

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