Product Code : SCL-541/01a

With plastic trays and equal arms, with balancing mechanism, on steel support, with included marked mass set
With a maximum measurement mass of 200 g and precision of 0.1 g,
Comply with GOST 24104-2001 standard.
Height : 200 mm.

Digital Chronometer (Stopwatch)

Product Code : SCL-059/01b

Digital electronic stopwatch,
Sizes 30 x 50 x 15 mm, with a deviation of 10 mm on each side
With the size of the figures on the display of 10 mm, accuracy 0.01 s
Provided with Battery


Product Code : SCL-583/01c

Spring dynamometer with plastic support
With a maximum force of 5 N, graduated in N
With divisions of 0.1 N and graduated in grams with 10 g division
Rectangular plastic body.
Metal scale with zero adjuster.
Suspension ring and load hook.
Scale measures both in grams and Newtons.

Set of Springs

Product Code : SCL-485/01d

Material : Steel
Rust resistant
5 of steel spiral springs
Diameter of the spring spirals 15-20 mm,
Elastic constants 20-80 n / m with hook at one end


Product Code : SCL-987/01e

Mount with a massive steel or cast-iron base with minimum size of 120 x 200 x 5 mm,
With a vertical steel rod with an anticorrosive coating of 600 mm in length and 12 mm in diameter.
Fixed by a perpendicular thread on the base with two sockets and pliers

Set Of Marked Masses

Product Code : SCL-059/01f

Contains 4 pieces in the set,
Nickel-plated steel, cylinder with a hole in the middle with 2 wire hooks, weight of each piece 50g
Provided with storage box.

Inclined Plane With Accessories

Product Code : SCL-871/01g

Polished wood tribometer, made of coniferous species without stubs.
Length 900mm, width 100 mm and thickness 25mm, with fixing element on stand.
At the one end, the tribometer is provided with a metal pulley with a maximum diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 4mm.
Accessories: one wooden bar with a minimum sizes of 30 x 40 x 120 mm, with three blind holes 10 mm in diameter made up to the middle of the body, symmetrically distributed on each of two adjacent sides; a hook in the middle of the small side.


Product Code : SCL-121/01h

Wooden bar
With a median rotation axis with minimum diameter of 4 mm
With a minimum section of 30 x 4 mm
Length: 400 mm
With 2 mm holes in diameter on each 15 mm on the median line of the bar,
Graduated at each 5 mm, at the ends provided with nuts for balancing the lever.

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