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Apparatus Phototropic

Product Code : SLE/BL/08

For experiments in phototropism with seedlings. Shows the effect of excluding various parts of the spectrum of light on the growth of seedlings. One chamber has a window at top and back. Three chambered wood case accepts variety of shutters. Complete with three glass containers for seedlings. Supplied with opaque and slot shutter – one orange & blue filter. 
Overall size : 180x530x180mm.

Calorimeter Food

Product Code : SLE/BL/12

Designed to determine the energy value of food and fuels. Require electrical supply – thermometer – oxygen supply and stand. Comprises of a borosilicate glass vessel with a combustion chamber – clear plastic lid with wire stirrer and a hole for a thermometer – heat resistance platform with support rod – oxygen inlet tube and igniter coil mounting and 1m insulated lead. Supplied with instructions.

Blow Pipe

Product Code : SLE/BL/13

Nickel Plated, Brass with Curved end, Used with Charcoal Block

Curette Uterine Sharp & Blunt

Product Code : SLE/BL/15

Made of Stainless Steel.

Dimensionally Accurate and Strongly Constructed.

Classification of Living Things Poster

Product Code : SLE/BL/18

A close-up view of Kingdoms of Life. Includes representative organisms from the Archaebacteria, Eubacteria, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia Kingdoms. Stunning photographs and detailed illustrations provide your students with a stimulating view of similarities and differences of life on Earth.

Size : 890 mm W x 585 mm H.

Effects of Smoking Model

Product Code : SLE/BL/28

Graphically demonstrate the impact of smoking on the lungs. Simply place a cigarette (that you provide) in the mouth of the ‘Smoking Man’ and draw smoke into his ‘lungs’ using the syringe pump included. Includes detailed teacher and student guides that provide extensive background information on the dangers of smoking as well as scenarios to test various cigarette brands for tar content under various conditions. The results will amaze you as you watch his lungs start to darken after only a few short puffs.

Forceps, Plastic

Product Code : SLE/BL/31

Disposable in plastic, Length: 125mm

Fruit fly Genetics Kit

Product Code : SLE/BL/33

This unique kit contains simple activities designed to teach basic fruit fly genetics without using live flies. Drosophila Melanogaster is used without the inconvenience of maintaining live fruit fly cultures. Includes 15 sheets each, with snap apart features showing male and female and 4 types of fruit flies. Students can perform crosses using plastic pieces printed with features allowing them to observe and simulate sex determination, single factor inheritance, double factor inheritance, sex linkage, dominance and recessiveness. Teacher’s Guide and Student instruction sheet included.

Funnel Tullgren

Product Code : SLE/BL/34

The sample is placed in a container with a base made from gauze with a mesh designed to hold soil particles but permit the animals to pass. The container is arranged over a funnel – with a light above. The heat causes the animals to move away from the top of the sample – through the gauze sheet and into the funnel from which they can be collected. Used to extract small invertebrate animals from a dry soil sample. Most species are collected after two hours – but complete extraction takes two-three days.

Garden Auger Soil

Product Code : SLE/BL/35

Soil auger screw type. With an eye to accept tommy bar (not included). Collection of soil samples.

Handle Skin Grafting Small

Product Code : SLE/BL/36

Corrosion Proof and Highly Reliable for Medical Application.
Made of Stainless Steel

Garden Secateurs

Product Code : SLE/BL/37

Used to snip buds etc. Various garden tools.

Handle Skin Grafting Eschman Type

Product Code : SLE/BL/38

Made of Stainless Steel
Corrosion Proof and Highly Reliable for Medical Application.

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