Teltron Dual Beam Tube D Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Product Code : SLE/PHY/51

Semi-evacuated electron tube filled with low-pressure helium and containing a tangential and axial electron gun. In the case of axial bombardment and a co-axial magnetic field, kinetic gas theory (e.g. impact excitation) and particle collisions can be studied through observations of the fine, luminescent beams resulting from excitation of the helium atoms. In the case of tangential bombardment and a perpendicularly aligned magnetic field, the fundamental electron charge-to-mass ratio can be determined from the diameter of the observed beam pattern. Product includes tube only. Instructions included.

Specification :
Max. filament voltage :
7.5 V
Max. deflection voltage : 50 V DC.
Max. anode voltage : 300 V DC
Anode current : approx. 30 mA at 200 V (anode)


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