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Product Code : SLE/RAE/09

Neonatal warming system, nest-type with water mattress and heating pad, portable, basic set

Integrity testing of all system parameters every 5 minutes.
Flexible waterproof low voltage heating pad slides under mattress.
Pre-set is 37°C, Adjustable from 35 to 38°C in increments of 0,1°C.
The Warmer is used to assist premature babies maintaining the appropriate body temperature.
System consists of a control unit, a heating pad, a water mattress and an inflatable BabyNest frame.
Electronic servo temperature control.
Perform self-testing of all functions and internal safety circuit by switching the control unite.
Accuracy temperature control of heating pad is ±0.1°C.
Automatic warm-up to 37°C, time to stabilize approx. 20 min (starting at 20°C). (Warm up time is shortened if water mattress is filled with lukewarm water at start).
Large colour display shows operational status, with set and measured values.
Over Temperature Alarm: at a water temperature of 39.5 ±1 °C. Warming capacity: About 4-5°C per hour. (Room temperature about 22°C and filled with 4,5 liters of water and placed on the mattress of a baby bed and covered with the nest and a sheet. Connection to mains or a 24V battery.)
Strong soft plastic BabyNest mattress fills with water (about 36°C), approx. 4.5 L.
Reusable BabyNest frame keeps baby in place.
Cotton cover frame can be tightly secured around the water mattress and heating pad.
The water mattress will cool 1°C per hour which means that one has about 2 hours to restore power.
External battery connection point at the underside of the control unit.

Heating Pad:
: PVC.
Voltage: 24-volt DC from control Unit BW-50 007 when powering with mains power or 24V DC when powering from 12-24V battery source.
Power requirements: 110-240 V AC or 110-120 V AC.
Battery 12 or 24 V.
Power consumption 50 Watt. (10 Watt when the Control Unit is powered from a 12 Volt battery)
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz,

Baby Nest:
Material: Cover, high quality cotton and polyester.
Washing: Recommended temperature 60°C, can tolerate 90°C but might shorten lifetime.

Water Mattress:
: Medical Grade PVC.

Control Unit:
Temperatures available: 35 to 38°C increments of 0.1°C.
Auditory Alarm: 55 dB sound level.
Main Power/frequency: 110-240 V AC or 110-120 AC. 50/60 Hz.
Battery power: 24 V DC, 12 V DC (with limited warming capacity)
Internal Battery: Alkaline, 1.5V size LR6 (AA) (only for power failure alarm.
Indication of temperatures and alarms:
Over temperature alarm at water Temperature of 39.5 ±1 °C.

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