Analogue Melting Point Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Product Code : SLE/ME/46

The dual heating block allows for up to a maximum of two samples to be tested simultaneously.
A rotary knob is adjusted to vary the heating rates from 0°C/min to a maximum of 20°C/min to heat the sample to its melt temperature. 
The magnifying lens in the eyepiece aided by the illumination provided by a bright white led gives clear view of the sample during its melting phase.
User Interface Rotary Knob.
Temperature Unit °C
Operating Range Ambient Temperature:380°C
Heating Rates :1°C/min to a max of 20°C/min
Electrical Supply: 230V, 50Hz, 50W
Cabinet Dimensions: W185 x D220 x H176mm
Net Weight: 1.2kg
Temperature range: 380°C. 

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