Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

RoHS Analysis

Element Analysis


RoHS Analysis

Element Analysis


The elements can be analyzed: from the sulphur (S) to uranium (U)
Suitable temperature range: 15oC to 30oC
Power supply: AC 220±5V. The purified AC regulated power supply is


Measurement time: 60-200s
The element content range can be analyzed from 2 ppm to 99.99%
Long-term working stability being 0.1% (total intensity of fluorescence)
Energy resolution: 165±5eV
CONFIGURATION:(As per one set)
Silicon Pin Semiconductor Detector +

Amplifier Circuit

Electro-refrigeration semiconductor detector;

Resolution: 165±5eV

X-Ray Tube High/Low Voltage Power Supply
Multi-Channel Analyzer High Resolution CCD Camera
Super Large Sample Chamber Automatic Switch Between Collimators
Automatic Switch Between Filters Analysis software
Configuration: OS -Windows 2000/XP
Memory: 512M
Monitor: 17″ SVGA LCD
HD: 80G or more
DVD-ROM: 8X or more
CPU: P4 2.6

Color Ink-Jet Printer


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